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TH Transmissions

Three speed transmissions are a great choice for street and strip applications.



BTE’s TH350 transmissions are well suited for street and race track performance.  The TH350’s low rotating mass, gear ratios, and overall lightweight construction make it a great for light to moderate weight cars with power ranging from 350 to 800 horsepower.  BTE’s TH350s are also available with SFI approved bell housings for improved durability and safety.


BTE Racing is a leader when it comes to high performance transmissions, including Powerglides and street transmissions.  

In the turbo hydromatics category, we have several TH400 versions to choose from. The TH400 Street Strip Transmission 4” T/S, the TH400 Full Manual Transmission 4” T/S, and the TH400 Transbrake Transmission 4” T/S.

All BTE TH400 transmissions have been dyno tested to ensure proper operation.

Three speed transmissions are a great choice for street and strip applications.  BTE offers a number of TH350s and TH400s for all performance types - from 350 horsepower to 3,500!  The ratio options in these transmissions allow for a quick launch, but also are available in 2 speed and alternate ratio versions for special, high horsepower cars.


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