BTE Racing: BTE TH400 Transbrake Transmission

BTE TH400 Transbrake Transmission

$2593.69 USD
TH400 Transbrake Transmission
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Turbo 400 by BTE available for all racing applications

This TH400 transmission is designed for high performance strip usage. It has been fully dyno tested to ensure proper operation.


  • Billet Aluminum Transbrake valve body (reverse pattern) (1+2 reverse pattern brake available as option)
  • New performance clutches and bands
  • Upgraded 36 element direct drum (aluminum direct drum upgrade available)
  • Billet case saver
  • Forged clutch hub
  • Deep cast aluminum pan
  • Billet intermediate pressure plate
  • Base transmission rated to 850 hp in most setups
    • Optional upgrades include Vasco input and main shafts, SFI approved bell housings and cases, roller tail housings, gear sets, and big spline setups available.  The TH400 can be suitable for as much as 4000 HP with the proper modifications!

Contact us for more information for a custom build.  *Optional components shown in photo above.
All transmissions will have a $220.00 freight fee when shipped to a commercial address.  All transmissions shipped to residencial address with have a starting freight fee of $330.00  


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