BTE Racing: BTE TH400 Two Speed Valve Body

BTE TH400 Two Speed Valve Body

$720.47 USD

Convert your TH400 to a 2 speed transmission with this valve body kit.


BTE Two Speed TH400 Transbrake Valve Body

BTE's all new billet aluminum valve body kit contains everything needed to convert your TH400 transmission to a two speed unit.  By using the two speed design, the transmission can utilize the transbrake in second gear, allowing the car to launch a much higher starting line ratio than a powerglide.  This feature is useful in high powered race cars with limited traction.  BTE's aluminum design eliminates unused passages in OEM designs as well as lowering overall mass.

Kit includes:


  • Billet aluminum transbrake valve body
  • BTE's transbrake solenoid
  • Installation instructions

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