BTE Racing: TH400 Aluminum Direct Drum with Pro Mod Sprag

TH400 Aluminum Direct Drum with Pro Mod Sprag

$951.02 USD

The ultimate choice for weight reduction and strength for your TH400 transmission.


BTE's new aluminum TH400 direct drum is the perfect combination of weight reduction and durability improvement.  The unique steel and 7075-T6 aluminum construction reduces mass for improved performance and safety, but also retains its strength with a unique bolt in steel center.  This steel center section improves over full aluminum designs by reducing seal and spline wear.


  • 36 element Pro Mod Sprag and new steel outer race - used in applications up to 3000 HP
  • More than 25% lighter than steel drums
  • Drum includes new pressure plate and Alto clutch pack 
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum section features hard anodizing to improve strength
  • Unique bolt in center section provides longer service life than 100% aluminum drums

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