Witness to History

Witness to History

Drag Racing has been around for a long time and that means there’ve been plenty of historic moments to choose from, some that we’ve been lucky enough to witness first hand. Here are a couple of historic moments the BTE community shared with us on our Facebook page

John Rennie
“Jim Liberman climbing the flagpole after a great win at N.E.D. Epping, N.H.”

Robert M. Harris 
“Billy Meyer set the world record for launching a blower at OCIR 700 plus feet. 30 sec. air time”

Larry Amato 
“Bill Maverick Golden’s last wheelstand in his Dodge A-100 ‘Little Red Wagon.’”

Jim Blalock
“Bernstein’s first 300 mph pass at the 92 Gators.”

Robert L Humberston
“Don Garlits and a jet”

Jeff Ferguson
“Watching Ed the Ace McCulloch DRIVE his funny car back to pits after a tire-smoking launch at Indy with every NHRA official who had a mini-bike follow him back to his pit. They were not happy! Fans loved it.”

Raymond Charpentier (Facebook Translation to English)
“When Bob Banon won the grand national at Sanair acceleration track with a Ford Cyclone GT 428 pc cobra-jet automatic stock. And then for a show we ran him against a funny car, but with a disability about the 3/4th of the 1/4 mile acceleration track. It came a split second before the funny because it was quite a show. I had a Cyclone GT 1966, 390 pc automatic, same as Bob Banon's before he changed for a Cyclone GT 1969.”



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 4:54 PM