Which Powerglide are you packing?


Which Powerglide are you packing?

Which Powerglide are you packing?

Explore BTE’s lineup of high-performance, affordable Powerglide racing transmissions.

If you want better performance - whether it’s reducing slippage and friction, or avoiding lost horsepower - you want a BTE Powerglide transmission. But not every Powerglide is going to be the right fit for your baby, so which one should you choose?

Entry level racers
The BTE Bracket Brake Powerglide transmission comes complete with our transbrake valve body and straight cut gear set. We recommend this for cars reaching up to 1,000 horsepower. 

Under 500 HP
The Econo Powerglide - 1.82 is another high-performing, entry-level transmission, which we typically suggest for cars with lower horsepower capabilities. It features a set 1.82 ratio gear set.

Dragsters and monster trucks 
You like noise. You dig power. You want to cross the finish line in style. If that sounds like you, check out the BTE Top Dragster Powerglide. Ideal for vehicles making up to 2400 horsepower, this transmission is built for cars that require a "shorty" length output shaft. 

Door cars, roadsters, and mud racers
For racers that typically hit between 1,000 and 2,400 horsepower, the BTE Top Sportsman Powerglide is your go-to option. Unlike the Dragster, this transmission is built for vehicles that require the standard length output shaft. 

Important note: No matter which Powerglide you choose, be sure to figure out the correct gear ratio before you click that order button. Lower ratios typically offer higher top speeds, while higher ratios let you accelerate faster. Which one of those revs your engine more? 

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