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Where to Get the Latest Drag Racing News

With thousands of drag strips across the United States (and thousands more internationally), you have to do more than check the bulletin at your local track to stay on top of the latest drag racing news. We’ve found some of the most helpful websites, podcasts, drag racing publications and discussion boards to keep you up-to-date on all things drag racing.

  1. Drag Illustrated
    Great source for pro stock updates, big winners, racing trends and season standings, with a mix of reporting, op-eds and guest blogs.

  2. Drag Racing Magazine Online
    Check this out if you enjoy commentary and personality. Ongoing columns and interviews are mixed in with race reports and well-researched features with a historical bent.

  3. DragZine
    In addition to reporting major drag racing industry news, this site has cool car features, drag racer profiles and interviews, as well as tech articles and photo and video galleries.

  4. Drag Coverage
    This online magazine offers active discussion forums to interact with others in the drag racing community, as well as breaking news and race results, video compilations and an original racing analysis podcast series called the Back Porch Show.

  5. Jalopnik
    Car reviews, motorsport news, well-produced video features, sale listings and plenty of tech talk. Jalopnik leans a bit more towards entertainment than reporting with their humorous headlines and quirky features, but still provides a steady stream of news relevant to drag racing.

  6. The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/Luke & Jed
    This podcast has a huge episode archive and is updated weekly. Luke Bogacki and Jared Pennington share their takes on drag racing’s hot topics and host drag racing super stars on the show. They also report on local and national bracket racing and drag racing events.

  7. Dialed In With Jake & Zach
    This podcast interviews pro drag racers, big winners, tech geniuses, organization representatives and other drag racing movers and shakers to bring listeners insider tips and insights.

  8. Drag Racing Weekly
    Based out of Billings, Montana, the Drag Racing Weekly podcast features local racers Tyler Jackson, Taylor Larson, and Adam Larson. They discuss professional racing, race results, happenings at the track, drag racing best practices and racing advice.

  9. Round Six Podcast
    Self-proclaimed “gearheads” Brian Stupski, Brad King, Alex Welsh, Eric Hibbs and Del Swanson host round-table discussions on drag racing, car builds, racing careers, hot rods, and the business side of the racing industry. Entertaining and informative.

  10. BTE Racing (of course!)
    Be sure to check the BTE blog for race roundups, car maintenance tips, performance part upgrades, product developments, and updates from major drag racing events like the World Footbrake Challenge and the Performance Racing Industry show.

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 11:34 AM