We Love the BTE Team

We Love the BTE Team

Getting your car to peak condition means putting in the time under the hood to make sure everything is working together and efficiently. The same can be said about our team here at BTE. They’re the engine that keeps us running and the reason we have become a brand that our customers know and trust. Here are a couple of comments from our loyal fans and even former employees that attest to our team’s credibility and expertise. 

“Brandon is a great guy. All my customers leave here with BTE products in their units!!” —Kenny Keller (licensed BTE distributor) on Facebook

“I’ve had my BTE powerglide and Converter for 19 years and just sent the converter back to have it freshened up after 19yrs of consistent dependable performance. The powerglide was sent to a local performance transmission builder to be checked. Even with a transbrake all the clutches and internals were like new. I could not believe I didn’t have to buy at least new clutches after all this time. And I credit everyone who works at BTE. It takes an entire team to produce such good quality parts. As far as I'm concerned I am a BTE guy for life. Thank you to everyone for going the extra mile you guys are #1 in my book.” —Michael Lane on Facebook


“Brandon Barrentine thank you and all your employees for what you do for us racers! Even with the few bugs I’ve got left to workout the new powerglide performed flawlessly!”—Ethan Reed on Facebook

“I think we have the best crew ever! So thankful for our BTE family.” —Jane Taylor Barrentine (BTE matriarch) on Facebook


“As a former employee of BTE I can attest to this place being the best place to work and feel like everybody is family. Miss everyone there!”—Nick Tapp on Facebook (We miss you too, Nick!)

To speak with a member of our talented team, call 1-800-626-1828. We’re standing by to talk shop or help you find and order the right part. Thanks for your continued support and for letting us be Part Of YourRacing Team. 




Posted by Amber Ambrose at 9:25 AM