Top Drag Racing YouTube Channels You Should Be Following


Top Drag Racing YouTube Channels You Should Be Following

Not at the track, but wishing you were? Whether you’re bored and searching for entertainment or an ambitious driver looking to brush up on technique tips, we’ve got a roundup of some of our favorite YouTube channels to check out. (PS—we’re assuming you already follow the BTE Racing channel, but in case you don’t, subscribe now! Fresh content dropping soon.)

This channel is all about ultimate matchups. In most episodes, two current model cars are pitted against one another with accompanying commentary and analysis. Nearly all of the cars featured are high-end and heavily modified. There are also a few how-to, livestream and performance review videos in the DragTimes library. New videos are posted weekly, and sometimes multiple times per week.

Mighty Car Mods
As its name suggests, this channel is dedicated to car modifications. Rather than races at the track, here you’ll find mostly shop footage of builds, conversions and testing, and D.I.Y. demos. The cool thing about this channel is that they post ongoing updates on their projects so that you can follow the progress of each build. New posts weekly.

Drag Strip Riot
Drag Strip Riot is a great all-around channel. Featuring race compilations and live race coverage, it has a nice mix of gassers, nitro, funny cars, altered, top fuel and classics—something for everyone. They’ve also got great mashups of burnouts, wheelies and crashes. They post less frequently but have a large library uploaded for you to browse.

This channel is a go-to for live streaming races (last year they covered the BTE World Footbrake Challenge!). Posting frequency is high; they normally upload multiple new videos per day. Great coverage and entertainment for weekends when you can’t make it down to the track.

That Racing Channel
That Racing Channel posts a minimum of one weekly video, but often more. It’s dedicated to ride-alongs and driver interviews that discuss parts and performance. First-person footage and hearing from drivers directly gives these videos lots of character.

We hope you enjoy these channels! Keep an eye out for a new video from BTE this winter.

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 3:53 PM