Top BTE Product Picks from COTW Alumni

Top BTE Product Picks from COTW Alumni

Are you looking to make some improvements to your car to fix an ongoing performance problem? Just shopping around for new parts and don’t know where to start? Hear from your fellow racers (our Car of the Week alumni) as they share their personal experience using BTE products in their own words. Some have picked up more speed and others just enjoyed the durability and reliability of BTE products. We’ve made sure to include their car make and model, which part they purchased, and their comments on the product. Click the driver’s name to read their full COTW blog, and click the product name to view. Ready, set, add to cart!

Harrell Coulter (Mississippi)
Pro Tree Brake and BTE Custom Nitrous Converter
1993 Mustang
“I was struggling with a loose converter and made a call to BTE. I was already pleased with my transbrake so I gave Brandon my car info. A couple of days later the converter arrived and I picked up .2 immediately.” 

Jared ‘Big Jed’ Pennington  (Alabama)
BTE 1.80 Powerglide and BTE torque converter 
1972 Chevy Nova 
“I was struggling with inconsistency in my race car. I sent the transmission to BTE, for them to make sure my issues weren’t being caused by the trans. They found my valve body, to have an issue with a sticking valve. I upgraded to their billet pro transbrake and it solved the problem.” 

Mark Blake (West Virginia) 
1994 Camaro 
“With the new 8inch 83400 converter, no other changes made, it picked-up .20 on the et and 4mph faster. The biggest thanks to BTE for having quality parts over the years to keep us going.”

Gary Devito (New York)
Top Sportsman Powerglide
1968 Chevy Camaro
“My car is mainly a streetcar that I race from time to time against friends and local fastest street car events. My previous combo was a 750hp big block Chevy with another brand TH400. I was constantly having issues breaking the TH400 and I was wasting a lot of the season down fixing issues. I switched to the BTE glide when I went to the twin-turbo LS engine making almost twice that and have raced it 3 seasons now just checking band adjustment and not a single issue!”



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