Top 5 Common Mistakes First-time Racers Make


Top 5 Common Mistakes First-time Racers Make

We always love seeing new people develop a passion to take up drag racing, but taking up a new hobby often means there’s a learning curve. 

From overspending to underestimating how much time you’ll spend dedicated to the sport, there are common mistakes we’ve all made as first time racers. 

We’ve documented some of them here, in hopes that we can prevent new racers from making the same mistakes so many of us did when we got into the sport.

Take my money
Although drag racing is an expensive sport, not everything with a hefty price tag is the best for beginner racers. Drag racing takes a lot of trial and error when you’re figuring out what best works on your ride. This means you may spend more money than what you’re bringing in, so it’s best not to blow your money on one pricey item when there are more things you’ll have to purchase in the future.

A word from the wise...listen to the wise
Getting the hang of drag racing isn’t easy and doesn’t always come naturally! Things like getting the perfect cut at the tree, or learning the mechanics of understanding how your engine works takes time and practice. You can bridge this knowledge gap by asking for help from your fellow racers. The drag racing community is generous, filled with experienced and knowledgeable racers. Nothing beats advice from the guys who’ve been doing this for a long time.

Underestimate how much time it takes
Drag racing is time consuming. You’ll probably spend more of your time in the garage fixing up your ride than out on the track. Ask any racer how many hours they’ve put in on their ride and you’ll get a firsthand account of the time and dedication you need to have for drag racing. It’s a necessary sacrifice that comes with the sport.

“Did I win yet?”
Don’t expect to be a champ on the first, second, third, or fourth try. Notching a win can take a long time, especially as you’re learning your ride and getting used to being behind the wheel. Drag racing successfully takes a lot of time, so try not to take yourself too seriously, and be patient as you make tweaks to improve.

Don’t forget to have fun!
The roars of the engines, the camaraderie, and all the memories to be had is what drag racing is all about. Don’t forget to take some time, appreciate being out there, and soak in all your hard work out on the track. It’s what makes drag racing great, so take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

Posted by BTE Racing at 12:01 PM