Save Big This Cyber Weekend


Save Big This Cyber Weekend

We’re not going to grind your gears with any fancy writing here. This is simple. You’ve got a great car and you want to take care of it. You want to keep it racing as smoothly, efficiently, and successfully as you can. And we want you to save while doing just that. 


Before you start prepping your car for the next race, check out our Cyber Weekend Sale (Nov. 27-29) for 20% OFF all of the products sold on our website, including transmission components like a wide range of clutches and overhaul kits. Some of the items we’ll have on sale are:


Ford Transmissions

-Hardened Input Shaft 26 Splines

-Aluminum Deep Pans

-Billet Servo and Servo Covers

-Transbrake Solenoids (Push In and Screw in)



-Gears sets ranging in ratio from 1.69 to 1.98

-8 Clutch High Gear Drum Assemblies

-Valve Bodies (Bracket Transbrake, Pro Transbrake, and Top-Sportsman Transbrake)

-Powerglide Cases and Bellhousings


TH350 Transmissions

-Transbrake Valve Bodies

-Transbrake Solenoides

-Heavy Duty Drums w/ Sprag

-Deep Aluminum Pans


TH400 Transmissions

-Aluminum Forward Drum with Vasco Input Shaft 

-Aluminum Direct Drum with Pro Mod Sprag 

-Valve Bodies: Full Manual, Super Street, and Billet Aluminum Transbrake with Solenoids

-Vasco Input and Intermediate Shafts

-Pro Mod Drum with 36 element sprags 


And there’s plenty more where those came from. Click the links above to see the full range of transmission parts available then shop online and save today! Our Cyber Weekend Sale only runs Nov. 27-29. 


Additional note: Due to worldwide supply chain delays, we will try to get products to you ASAP, but shipping times may vary. We thank you in advance for supporting our family-owned company and for your patience as we work to fulfill orders for all of our loyal customers.

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