Racing Tips

Racing Tips

There’s a steep learning curve for the first time drag racer and sometimes it can feel like information overload. But you can always count on drag racers look out for one another, sharing tips gained through years of experience. We asked the BTE drag racing community for tips they wish they had known when they first started racing. Check out what they had to say.

Tread Carefully
Take care of your tires and they’ll take care of you. This is one of the tips racers said they wish they’d known more about. Read what Barry McLarty and Steve VanPatten said.

“Stay out of the water with street tires. Water can hide in the treads and send you home early.”  –Barry McLarty

“Don't try doing a smokey burnout with street tires. Because it won't hook up whatsoever when you launch it.”  –Steve VanPatten

Dude, where do I put my car?
You’re next on the track when it hits you: “How far deep do I need to place my car?” Mark Akullian and Bart Hoiles both say the placement in staging and syncing with the sensors is a bit tricky. 

“How to stage deep or shallow. Some start out in reverse from in and out lack of knowledge”    –Mark Akullian

“Probably where to park the car in the beams the exact same every time and learning the 3 stages of each bulb action.”  –Bart Hoiles 

You’ll notice quickly drag racing is not a cheap hobby and based on what Rob Krueger and Shannon Brown said, it’s probably one of the most challenging things about racing. From repairing and upgrading parts to paying race registrations and travel costs, racers can run up a hefty tab participating in this great sport.  

“Trying too keep up with technology and affording it.”  –Rob Krueger 

“How to make enough money to afford anything racing related and to just buy the good stuff the first time. And there's no such thing as finished.”  –Shannon Brown 



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 12:17 PM