Racing Biopics

Racing Biopics

You know you made it big as a drag racer when Hollywood comes knocking on your door. It’s exciting to see racing greats get their own full feature film or documentary to inspire upcoming racers—and also to indulge a bit of nostalgia for experienced racers who grew up watching these legends. Check out our list of biopics (including one kid-friendly one by Disney!) perfect to watch with the whole family. 

Heart Like A Wheel 
It’s crazy to think that Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney was ever an underdog considering her permanent status as racing royalty. This movie depicts her journey to becoming a household name in drag racing—a predominantly male sport, especially back then. Unfortunately, this movie is not available online, but you can rent the DVD from Netflix on a selected plan. 

Much to our dismay, the great Don “Big Daddy” Garlits has yet to have his own motion picture, but CompetitionPlus TV did feature him on their Legends series. In it, Don speaks about his humble upbringing and his time as a racer back in the day. The great thing about the series is that it can be viewed on YouTube.

Ford vs. Ferrari
The full-length film focuses on car designer Carroll Shelby and legendary driver Ken Miles as they build the ultimate sports car for Ford Motor Company to beat Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. It’s a movie that depicts a bit of the rivalry between both car brands and everything it took to build one of the best racing cars Ford ever offered. The movie is still available to watch in selected theatres. 

Right on Track
This Disney movie follows the life of infamous Ender sisters, but primarily focuses on Erica Enders as she sets to prove her talents in what was dubbed “a man's sport” to become a champion racer. Great movie to enjoy with the family and inspire the future generation of drag racers. You can watch it now on Disney + with a subscription.


Posted by Amber Ambrose at 3:11 PM