Our 20% off presale just got the green light!


Our 20% off presale just got the green light!

Starting today, Nov. 1, you’re able to pre-order parts for our November sale. That means you’ll still receive the 20% discount without having to call us on Nov. 26th. We’ll simply charge you on the 26th (when the sale actually begins) and you’ll be off to races!  

“What’s on sale?” Glad you asked. Read on.


Which Powerglide is the right fit for your ride? We have options for entry-level racers, dragsters and monster trucks, door cars, roadsters, and mud racers too. We even have an option for cars that hit below 500 HP. Learn more about which Powerglide you should be packing in this blog.

Torque Converters
Size matters. Bigger applications, higher horsepower, and increased RPMs. With options that range from 8” to 12”, how do you choose? It’s all about the applications under your hood and the power you’re seeking. For more, keep an eye out for an upcoming blog dedicated solely to our torque converters.

TH Transmissions
Whether you’re looking for a full-manual, street and strip, or transbrake transmission, we’ve got you covered. TH transmissions can be ordered in 3-speed, 2-speed, and alternate ratio versions for special, high horsepower cars. 

Remember, pre-orders run Nov. 1-Nov. 24, so pick your parts today then call us (1-800-626-1828) when the tree turns green. 

Due to worldwide supply chain delays, we will do our best to get products to you quickly, but shipping times may vary.



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