How to Choose a Winning Torque Converter


How to Choose a Winning Torque Converter

When it comes to torque converters, it’s all about size and power. That’s especially the case when you take into consideration how you race. For example, with extra applications, you might need a larger torque converter to carry more stress. So, which one should you purchase?

Explore BTE’s wide range of high-performance, affordable torque converters below.


The top choice for most drag racers 
For applications smaller than 565 cubic inches, look no further than our 8" Converter.

Nitrous, turbo, and big cubic inch naturally aspirated applications
Consider the 9” Converter, especially if your applications are in the 500 to 600 cubic inch range. 

Blower, nitrous, and turbo applications over 1200 HP
You added a ton of power, so make sure your torque converter matches up. This 9.5” Converter was designed for most units over 600 cubic inches, or those with major power adders. 

Engines with 900 to 1500 HP
The 10” Converter is designed for 565+ cubic inch applications that can hit high HPs.  

Stall speeds 3000 to 3500 RPM
If you’re driving a high-powered vehicle, use nitrous, or have a higher displacement engine, check out our 10" street / strip torque converter.

Stall speeds 2600 to 2800 RPM
Stock configurations? Pfff! The 11" street / strip converter is ideal if you want to hit 800-1000 RPM over stock. 

Bump up your stall speed 
Increasing RPM by 200 to 400 over stock levels can be achieved with our 12" street enhancer torque converter.


Did you find a torque converter that really gets your RPMs going? Then beat the crowds and order and save today! 

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Note: Due to worldwide supply chain delays, we will try to get products to you ASAP, but shipping times may vary. We thank you in advance for supporting our family-owned company and for your patience as we work to fulfill orders for all of our loyal customers.