Five Things to Bring to the Track Every Time

Five Things to Bring to the Track Every Time

Preparing for a weekend at the dragstrip requires a lot of planning.  Lack of preparedness makes for a chaotic experience when things don't go perfectly. Here are five things you should always have before leaving the house for the track:

1.  Torque wrench

As much as possible, major fasteners should be torqued to proper specs. Flexplate to crank bolts, valve train, bellhousing to engine block, and countless other connections need to be properly tightened for safety and reliability. An inch lb. wrench is also a good tool to have for powerglide band adjustment!

2. Fluids

Drinking water, engine oil, and automatic transmission fluid should be in every trailer. Hopefully you won't need to drain an oil pan, but you may be able to help out a fellow racer in need that is having to check an engine bearing or swap a torque converter.  

3. Spares

A prepared racer will keep a box or cabinet in their trailer with commonly replaced items such as spark plugs, transbrake solenoids, carburetor gaskets, starters, and brake pads. A five dollar spark plug replacement will cost a lot less than a final round of a ten thousand dollar race!

4. Plastic tarp

When the storm clouds roll in, it isn't always convenient to re-trailer your car. One of those big, blue classic plastic tarps is a life saver to cover up your car, engine, or other sensitive stuff. (Just dry the thing out before re-folding it!)

5. Buy back money!

Mulligans, right?



Posted by Brandon Barrentine at 9:24 AM