BTE Racing Famous Drag Strips in the US: Part 2

Famous Drag Strips in the US: Part 2

Whether immortalized in movies or for being the site of big name national races, some U.S. drag strips are known throughout the drag racing world. We’ve made a list of some of the most well-known drag strips in the United States. This is part two of a three-part series. You can read part one here

Maple Grove
From nostalgia racing, Top Fuel dragsters, and jet-powered vehicles to Street Bike races and Street Legal Grudge racing, Maple Grove has something to offer for almost every type of racer. The raceway is centered around a quarter-mile straight racetrack which features NHRA Drag Racing, plus many specialized automotive-themed events throughout the season.

  • Many firsts: In 1989 Joe Amato and Shirley Muldowney recorded the first ever side-by-side four-second Top Fuel Dragster runs, the first ever side by side 300 mph T/F passes, and many other record breakers.  

Lucas Oil Raceway
A multipurpose motorsports facility opened in 1960, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis has come to be known as "America's Great Race Place!"  During the 1960 U.S. Nationals in Detroit, a handshake agreement between Binford and NHRA founder Wally Parks promised that the event would move to Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis in 1961. The historic three-year pact was signed and Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis eventually became the home of the NHRA's biggest annual event.

  • Milestones: The 60th Anniversary of the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals was celebrated on Lucas Oil Raceway in 2014.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Sin City has more to offer than just casinos—it is also home to Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s dragstrip nicknamed “The Strip.” It has gone through some major changes, the biggest is widening from two lanes to four, making it one of the only drag strips in the nation to feature four-wide racing. Racers have been known to hit speeds in excess of 330 miles per hour!

  • Did you know? Vegas has two strips, but honestly The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the only one that matters.

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