Etiquette Tips for the Track


Etiquette Tips for the Track

Being out on the track is fun but can be filled with a lot of tension as we race for some take on the purse. So, while we wait for tracks to reopen for the new season we thought it would be great to reflect back on some track etiquette tips to keep in mind on your next visit to the track. And while it's often a challenge because of heat or the stress of the competition, we should always consider those around us to make it a good weekend for everyone.

1. Noise
Even in possibly the noisiest of all pastimes, race tracks need quiet time, too. Don't fire up and test your rev limiter at 11 PM, and make sure your generators are properly muffled—someone or their family is probably trying to sleep! Also, be respectful of pre-race religious ceremonies on Sundays and avoid cranking up before they are finished. 

2. Excessive finish line braking
In bracket racing, finish line driving is a careful ballet of judging your speed versus your opponent's, and manipulating the position of your car as you race to the end. Braking is part of that strategy, but excessive braking isn't safe. Don't slide or smoke your tires to finish line drive. It's not safe for you or the car in the other lane.

3. Driving in the pits
Keep the speed on the track. Drag strips are generally full of people walking, riding bikes or scooters, or kids playing. Speeding around the pits before or after a pass isn't safe and makes everyone uncomfortable.  

4. Ripping the throttle
Congratulations, you just won a round! Don't flaunt it to the racer in the other lane by ripping the throttle repeatedly after the finish line. 

5.  Respect facility and its staff
Keep the track clean, put your trash in the right places, be careful with spills, and most importantly: be cool to the staff. They make the races happen so we can all enjoy our passion. If you've made a mistake or lost the last round, don't take your frustration out at the ticket booth by peeling out. In the end, it's just a race!


Posted by BTE Racing at 9:43 AM