Drag Strip Series: California Part 2

Drag Strip Series: California Part 2

We’re back in California to cover a couple of tracks we didn’t get a chance to highlight in our first blog. Here you’ll find drag strips that’ll cover the majority of the West coast including one in a military airport—have a look. 

Samoa Drag Strip - Eureka, CA
This drag strip opened 65 years ago in Humboldt County California. The dragstrip is a quarter-mile long and they offer free Street Legal Drags. As of now they’ve finished their racing season, but will be back next year so don’t miss out on their latest updates and follow their Facebook page

Kingdon Drags - Lodi, CA
This former military airport runway was turned into a drag strip 10 years after World War II, by Stockton police officer, Bob Cress. The ¼ mile strip has since reopened as a functional airstrip but still hosts their famous Kingdon Drags Racing Reunion, which they hope to host again before the year comes to an end. 

Barona Drags - Lakeside, CA
Barona Drags is located in the Barona Indian Reservation just outside of San Diego. The track is a ⅛-mile dragstrip and is sanctioned by the NHRA. It’s also currently open to racers and spectators (requiring masks while practicing social distancing). You can check out their schedule for the rest of the year online

Irwindale Dragstrip - Irwindale, CA
The Irwindale Dragstrip was created with the help of local law enforcement to create a safe place for street racers. The drag strip offers a ⅛-mile NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip, a concrete starting box and a ½-mile run-out. The track has more drag racing events coming up, including a Volkswagen drag race in October. You can see all their events here



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 4:01 PM