Drag Strip Pet Peeves


Drag Strip Pet Peeves

We asked you about your pet peeves as racers or spectators and you did not disappoint. Among the comments we noticed three pet peeves everyone seemed to agree on: cleanliness, attitude, and pets.

Clean up the act
Everyone hates a dirty track whether you’re a track employee, racer or spectator. From people emptying their RV tanks in the pit to broken glass on the track, leaving a mess behind isn’t pleasant for anyone. Remember to be courteous of others and clean up after yourselves so everyone has a great time.

Leave the attitude at the gate
We hear this very often from both experienced, and inexperienced racers—but with more colorful vocabulary. Leave the ego at home and be open and respectful to receiving and giving constructive criticism. The best thing about drag racing is learning the ins and outs of these speed machines, but also learning how we can improve as racers from our peers. At the end of the day no one knows drag racing better than drag racers, so just be cool man.

Furry family 
It only makes sense to want to share your favorite hobby with your pets, which is great, but if they aren’t track-friendly then it’s best to leave them home. According to our fellow racers, there have been situations where they’ve been bitten or seen these pets struggle with the thunderous sounds of races. So, if your furry friend isn’t feeling the track, it’s best to leave them at home. 

Posted by BTE Racing at 10:27 AM