Drag Racing Racetracks: Canada

Drag Racing Racetracks: Canada

Drag racing will take you places. You’ll go on trips all over the U.S., and maybe even make a visit to our neighbors in the Great White North, if you’re lucky. Whether you’re there for a race or a non-racing related trip, make some time to visit Canada’s best drag strips that we rounded up in the blog below. 


Castrol Raceway (Edmonton, Alberta)
The Castrol Raceway can hold up to 15,000 people and is also home to the largest drag racing event in Canada, the Mopar Rocky Mountains Nationals. They’ve also recently hosted their first Outlaw Truck Drags event highlighting trucks this past August. They even have programming for future drag racers called the Nitro Ratz Junior Dragster Association for ages 7-17. 


Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga, Ontario)
Formerly known as the Cayuga International Dragway Park, this dragstrip is 1,320 feet long, with a shutdown area of 2,880 feet for a combined length of 4,200 feet. Unfortunately, the drag racing season is coming to a close and their last events before winter are taking place this weekend, so if you’re close be sure to race that way.


Mission Raceway Park (Mission, British Columbia)

Celebrating 65 years of drag racing action, this raceway attracts drivers from all over the world for two reasons: the first is that they’re at sea level, which is great for racing and for breaking records. The second reason is that it’s close to the city and a major highway, making it easily accessible, especially for tourists. 


Saskatchewan International Raceway (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Saskatchewan International Raceway, or SIR for short, is one of the oldest tracks in Western Canada at 45 years old. The track has undergone several name changes, from “Southwinds Dragway” to “Saskatoon International Raceway” before landing on the name we know today to better reflect their audience. Despite the name changes they’ve always retained the reputation of being one of the “best organized” and “most fun places to race” in Canada. 


Posted by Amber Ambrose at 5:33 PM