Drag Racing Movie Date Night


Drag Racing Movie Date Night

With Valentine’s day just around the corner we thought it would be fun to ask what drag racing movies you like. Here are a couple of drag racing movies (with the exception of ‘Drive’) to watch while you have a date night with your Valentine or just for fun.

Funny Car Summer
A movie following firefighter Jim Dunn and his family through the ups and downs of drag racing as they travel to 20 different states for 20 races. The film was made in the 70s with actual footage of the races and you can watch it now on YouTube.

Two Lane Blacktop
This drag racing cult classic is about two street racing friends (the driver and the mechanic) who live to race. They make ends meet racing locals until they decide to venture out. The movie has great reviews including a 92% rating in Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, there are no apps streaming the movie, but you may find a copy to purchase online.

Based on the novel with the same name, “Drive” is about a man living a double life as a stunt-man during the day and a getaway driver at night. Although the movie isn’t about drag racing, it’s packed with action and great driving scenes. You can watch it now on Amazon for free if you already have a membership.

Hart Like a Wheel
A biopic of the life of Shirley Muldowney also known as “Cha Cha” and “The first lady of drag racing”. Watch the journey of this legendary rider as she races her way into the male-dominated sport of drag racing. The movie garnered a golden globe nomination for lead actress Bonnie Bedelia and an Oscar nomination for William Theiss for best costume design. You may find this film available on YouTube for free. 


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