Drag Racing Misconceptions


Drag Racing Misconceptions

If you’ve been drag racing for a while then you’ve probably heard a lot of misconceptions about the sport, especially from non-racers. In fact, some of these “experts” like to debate whether it’s actually a sport or just a hobby, while others question the difficulty of high-speed racing. Today, we’re going to take three misconceptions about racing on a trip down The Drag Strip of Truth.

“It’s not even a real sport.”
Nope. Every second matters in drag racing, from the moment you're in the garage building your ride to the moment you cross the finish line. Oh yeah, and then there’s a little fact that you gotta drive 200 mph! At those speeds, the tiniest mistake could lead to a crushing loss or injury. Being a drag racer takes skill, mental strength, and a desire to win. If that’s not a sport, what is?

“There’s nothing hard about driving in a straight line.”
Wrong. It’s easy to feel in control when you’re driving 30 mph to the grocery store, but what about when the speedometer is ticking over 200? It’s possible to experience over 4Gs at that speed — that’s G-force by the way, not cell phone reception. At 200 mph, the smallest mistake or malfunction could be fatal. If you think drag racing is easy, please, don’t get behind the wheel. Trust us. It’s for your own good. 

“It’s JUST a hobby”
False. It’s so much more than that. Drag racing is a full-time job, an investment, and a lifestyle. Races might only last a couple of seconds, but it takes WAY longer to prep for the race. Drivers not only train all the time but have to meticulously and routinely fine-tune their rides, working tirelessly until they’ve got it just how they want it.



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