BTE Car of the week: Valentine's Day Edition (Tommy and Cindy Bash)


Car of the week: Valentine's Day Edition (Tommy and Cindy Bash)

Getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day we’re spotlighting a couple who have a shared love of drag racing. Forged through fire after the grief of tragically losing two beloved sons (Justy and Jonathan) and overcoming cancer and a severe accident, Tommy and Cindy Bash took to the track to keep the memory of their sons alive racing a 1980 Malibu big tire. 

How did you both meet?
I was a crew chief on a NASCAR Southwest tour car. When I wasn't working on the car I worked at the car owner’s shop. Cindy came in needing work on her car.

Who made the first move?
Ms. Cindy made the first move. 

How long have you both been racing or interested in racing?
We both have a lifelong interest in racing. I raced dirt tracks on and off for many years. Cindy started racing last season climbing into a drag car for the first time.

Our son Jonathan’s side project was building a 1980 Malibu big tire car and we decided to finish it after his passing. 

What vehicle do you both race?
I don't drive anymore. I just wrench, Cindy drives a 1980 Malibu back halfed big tire car powered by a 454 Chevy backed by a TH400, 9in Ford rear end. Naturally aspirated carburated only no adders. Named “The Side Chick.” 

Who is the better racer?
Ms. Cindy 

How did you know they were the one?
We make each other laugh and we just connect. 

Anything else you'd like to share?
We're just making the best out of what life has given us. We’ll continue to keep our son’s memory alive by racing his car “The Side Chick.” 

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