Car of the Week: Valentine's Day Edition (Afton and Joe Swanson)


Car of the Week: Valentine's Day Edition (Afton and Joe Swanson)

Our final couple we’ll feature for the Valentine’s Day edition of Car of the Week is BTE-sponsored racer, Afton Swanson and her husband Joe. The Swansons let us know the perks of being a racing couple, as well as their hopes of becoming a two-car racing team.

What is you and your partner's name?
Afton and Joe Swanson

How long have you both been racing or interested in racing?
Afton - 2000, Joe - 2007

How did you both meet?
We both began our racing careers at North Iowa Dragway in Humboldt, IA. We did not race there at the same time, but we knew a lot of the same people from our time spent racing there. 

We didn’t meet until 2010, Joe liked Afton's racing page on Facebook, which started the conversation and eventually led to meeting in person.

Who made the first move?
Joe liked the Facebook page, Afton sent him a message. We talked, then decided to meet for the first time at Pizza Hut in 2010 while Afton was home for Thanksgiving break.

What vehicle do you both race?
Afton's NHRA Top Dragster, 2015 Spitzer w/ supercharged Big Block Chevy

Who has the most wins?
Afton, she has been racing longer

Who is the better racer?
On 4 wheels, Afton. On 2 wheels, Joe.

How did you know they were the one?
Not many people would be willing to spend all of their time and money on a race car and traveling all over the country to go racing. We found that person, so, we are going to hold onto each other :)

Anything else you'd like to share?
Our goal is to become a two-car team. Joe has not raced in several years, so we are working toward the point where we can both be behind the wheel and race together at the same events.



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