Car of the Week Submission Process


Car of the Week Submission Process


We love to give everyone in our BTE community a chance to show off their ride every Wednesday. However, as we go through the submission process we often notice missing information, which is why your entry may not be published. 

To make sure everyone has a clear picture of how it works, here’s how to properly send in your submission to guarantee your Car of the Week slot:

  1. Fill out the form
    We love reading what you have to say! This is the part that goes into the blog, so fill out the form with all the details you’d like to share regarding your ride (year and model) and most importantly your love of drag racing. This is your chance to shine. Try to keep it as family friendly as possible.

  2. Submit a picture
    We’ve added an option where you can now add your picture as you're filling out the form in an effort to make this process easier for everyone. This is the picture we’ll use as the cover for the blog, so make sure it’s one that fully shows off your ride.

  3. Request access email
    This is important, in order for our communications team to access the picture you uploaded you have to grant them permission. Be sure to check your inbox for an email from an address coming from our writing team ending in @ambrosemcdowell. If you don’t see one, check your spam folder.

    *If you submitted a picture through our social media platforms please be sure to add your name as you wrote it in the form, so we can match the picture.*

    That’s it! Click the following link to enter your ride for a chance to be our Car of the Week: 

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 9:41 AM