Car of the Week: Steve Hart's 1988 Ford Ranger

Car of the Week: Steve Hart's 1988 Ford Ranger

Welcome to the BTE Racing Car of the Week series, where we feature our customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to race. Today, it’s all about Steve Hart from Topeka, KS and his 1988 Ford Ranger.

How did you get into drag racing? 

I started racing with my family. Dad used to race in the 70s and early 80s. It’s been in my blood from then on. 

When and where was your first race? 

My first race was in 2010. I had just bought my truck and ran the trophy class to get started and finished second in points that year. 

What model/year do you race now? 

A 1988 Ford Ranger. I love this body style, you don’t see a bunch of them. 

Does your car have a nickname? 

I call it the Danger Ranger. 

What's under the hood? 

I just bought a BTE C4 trans with brake. I’m getting ready to run super street for my first time. 

Why do you use BTE? 

I chose BTE because I see many super comp guys use them and they get ran pretty hard all year. I wanted to have confidence in my equipment when I need it. 

Someone you look up to in racing? 

I look up to a group and not just one person: the sportsman racer. Whether you have an open trailer or a million dollar one, it’s the passion for the sport that keeps it alive and fun. The heart and soul of drag racing is the sportsman racer. 

If money were no object, what would you drive? 

If I had deep pockets, I’d build a doorslammer super comp car.  

What is your pre-race ritual (if you have one)? 

I don’t have a pre-race ritual other than trying to stop giggling before the green light hits.

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 11:29 AM