BTE Car of the Week: Rick Eisenzimmer's 1968 Nova

Car of the Week: Rick Eisenzimmer's 1968 Nova

Welcome to the BTE Racing Car of the Week series, where we feature our customers and drag racing fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to race. Today we're featuring Rick Eisenzimmer from Pensacola, Florida, who owns and races a 1968 Nova.

How did you get into drag racing?
Been racing for as long as I can remember. Competitive cars were a natural next step and I was hooked by high school.

When and where was your first drag race?
Atmore Dragway in the ‘90s. (First legal race on a track, anyway.)

What model/year do you race now?
1968 Nova

Does your car have a nickname?

What's under the hood?
510 cid with 14/71 blower

Which BTE Racing products do you use in your vehicle?
Torque converter and internal powerglide parts

Why do you use BTE?
My buddy David Adams who builds my powerglide swears by BTE and I have had good success with them.

Do you have any stories about how BTE helped you improve your racing?
I broke a lot of parts until we started using BTE. When I hit the throttle now, I’m not worried about a broken input shaft or planetary set. 

A drag racer you look up to?
There are a lot, but we have a local guy that has taught me so much and pushed me to learn and do better named Roy Gilmore. He treats me like a son and is always there for me. 

If money were no object, what would you drive?
I’d probably race a funny car.

What is your pre-race ritual (if you have one)?
I take a few Aspirins to calm anxiety and when I suit up I take some deep breaths. I was in a fire with my altered years ago and I still get a little uptight sometimes. Once the window net is up, a little fist bump from my friend Scott and a welcome voice on the radio then it’s on.



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 5:14 PM