Car of the Week: Kaleb Russell's 1968 Camaro

Car of the Week: Kaleb Russell's 1968 Camaro

Welcome to the BTE Racing Car of the Week series, where we feature our customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to race. Today, it’s all about Kaleb Russell from Marianna, Arkansas and his 1968 Chevy Camaro

How did you get into drag racing?  

My dad got me into drag racing. 

When and where was your first race?  

I don't remember my first race, because I was too little, but it was at George Rays Dragstrip in Paragould, Arkansas.  

What model/year do you race now? 

My dad and I have a ’68 Camaro.  

Does your car have a nickname?  


What's under the hood?  

A 632 naturally aspirated Big Chief big block Chevy  

What BTE products do you use? 

Torque converters and our transmission is through BTE 

Why do you use BTE? 

We have always had good experiences. 

Someone you look up to in racing? 

My dad is my role model in racing because, I know what we started with and what we dreamed for. Basically, we are living the dream now.

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 12:29 PM