BTE Car of the Week: Kaleb Hall's 1966 Ford Falcon


Car of the Week: Kaleb Hall's 1966 Ford Falcon

Welcome to the BTE Racing Car of the Week series, where we feature our loyal customers and drag racing fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to race. Today we're featuring Kaleb Hall from Omaha, Nebraska, and his 1966 Ford Falcon.

How did you get interested in drag racing?
My grandfather and father were racing long before I was born, so I was brought up around cars. 

When and where was your first drag race?
The first drag race I attended was at Nebraska Motorplex in Scribner, Nebraska, in the summer of 1993 when I was 4½ years old. The first time I raced in an event was in the high school class at Mid America Motorplex, now I-29 dragway in Pacific Junction, Iowa.

What model/year do you race now? Any special features?
A 1966 Ford Falcon built by my family and I

Does your car have a nickname?
Angry Bird

What's under the hood?
572 Big Block Ford with 2 systems of Nitrous. Bolted up to a BTE top sportsman glide!

Which BTE Racing products do you use in your vehicle?
Top Sportsman Powerglide Transmission

Why do you use BTE? How has BTE helped you improve your racing?
My powerglide is a top of the line piece of equipment and BTE customer service is second to none. On a Monday I needed a valve body for my glide. They made me an absolutely killer deal on an aluminum valve body and got it right out to me. I had it by Wednesday. 

Describe BTE Racing in 3 words.
Quality performance parts.

Who is a drag racer you look up to?
My grandpa Jon Hall. 

If money were no object, what would your dream car be?
My car with a chromoly tube chassis and a Jon Kasse 800+ cubic inch nitrous engine.

What is your proudest drag racing moment?
I won the “#1 tree chopper” award at Kearney Raceway Park, for best reaction time in a winning round at a small tire shootout. 

Why do you race?
It's a thrill. And it's a challenge. It's fun to read the track to determine what tune up to put in the car and how much power the track will take. While still putting enough down to beat the guy next to you.

What is your biggest challenge as a driver?
Running with the incredibly fast field of small tire cars.



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 10:02 PM