BTE's Facebook Wheel Stand Tournament Details

BTE's Facebook Wheel Stand Tournament Details

If you follow us on Facebook, you might have noticed we're doing something a little different. Something fun. Something a little bit like racing. We're having a tournament to see which of our fans' wheel stand photos have what it takes to win them a BTE torque converter or BTE-manufactured product of equal or lesser value. 

Here's the tournament structure:

1st round: Start with 64 wheel stand entries, which will be put into groups of 4 in 16 first rounds. Those 16 winners will move on. Round 2: 16 Wheel Stands will compete again in groups of 4 to get to our Final 4! Round 3: Those Final 4 will compete in groups of 2 to find our finalists. Final Round: Two finalists battle it out for the grand prize (a BTE torque converter or BTE product of equal or lesser value). 

We’ll post 2 first rounds a day (for a total of 8 days, skipping weekends and Labor Day). The we’ll post one bracket a day for the remainder of the tournament until we have our winner. See the line up below.

How will we do it? We'll post a status message with the name of the round's contestants and post their photos in the comment section. The photo with the most LIKES in 24 hours will move on!

Here are the current entries and what days they'll be in the first round. We'll update the details as rounds finish and we know who'll be moving on.


UPDATED Round 1, Day 1

Bracket 1

Brittany EzellMark Braam, Alex Miller, John Taylor

Bracket 2

Nat FarrarJordan Smickle, David Little, Kevin Prior


UPDATED Round 1, Day 2

Bracket 1

Skip TubbsRobert Sawyers, Mark Underhill, Travis Imhof

Bracket 2

Mike CasteelThomas Holley, Tyler Miller, Tabitha Draughon


Round 1, Day 3

Bracket 1

Derek Lewis, Nate Somerlot, Justin Caraway, Tom Hyatt

Bracket 2

Martin Lambert, Ron Hamby, Alex Bradford, Nathan Schultze


Round 1, Day 4

Bracket 1

Al Mullins, Dave Gebauer, Zach Schlumpf, Frank Acosta

Bracket 2

Chris Young, Derek Reynolds, Ryan Roberts, Brett Childs


Round 1, Day 5

Bracket 1

Brandon Tuck, Rich Maier, Danny Weaver, Jeff Ferguson

Bracket 2

Dennis Moore, Larry Robb, Frank Greenough, Casey Swift


Round 1, Day 6

Bracket 1

PJ Slayden, Zack Powell, Luke Epperly, Ray Tumbry

Bracket 2

David Clapp, Josh Clem, Brandon Wilder, David Hearn


Round 1, Day 7

Bracket 1

Alex Shows, Patrick Bullard, Jake Hodge, Tony Newton

Bracket 2

Rick Shofner, Jeffrey Ferree, Poul Ancherson, JI Blackard


Round 1, Day 8

Bracket 1

Chris Rucker, Joe Greene, Lucas Walker, Jeff Joslin

Bracket 2

Darrin Sotera, Barry Nicholson, Kevin King, Joey Painter


Round 2, Day 1

Mike CasteelDerek Lewis, Danny Weaver, Alex Shows


Round 2, Day 2

Brittany Ezell, Nathan Schultze, Dennis Moore, Rick Shofner


Round 2, Day 3

Nat Farrar, Dave Gebauer, Ray Tumbry, Lucas Walker


Round 2, Day 4

Skip Tubbs, Ryan Roberts, David Clapp, Darrin Sotera


Round 3, Day 1

Derek Lewis vs. Dennis Moore


Round 3, Day 2

Nat Farrar vs. Ryan Roberts



Derek Lewis vs. Nat Farrar


DEREK LEWIS takes home the HUGE win!

Posted by Brandon Barrentine at 5:11 PM