BTE Racing Customer Service Testimonials Part 2


BTE Racing Customer Service Testimonials Part 2

At BTE Racing, we know that the very best selling point is a happy customer, so we decided to let our fans tell you in their own words why they love BTE parts and service. We aim to make each customer a fan, and we appreciate the opportunity to be Part of Your Racing Team.  

1. Hello? Is it BTE you’re looking for?
Always return customer phone calls and inquiries in a timely manner. Companies that do not do this do not keep my business. My experience with Brandon at BTE has been awesome! —Michael J Fieramusca

2. Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.)
Their products and service are top notch. Since going with a custom BTE converter vs. off the shelf, my car leaves better and harder. Performance is unmatched. —Dave, Louisiana

3. Cool Down and Take a Lap
Awesome products, I can hot lap and trans doesn’t get hot. Take it apart at the end of the year and it looks the same as when we put it together. —Carson Griffith, Dayton, Ohio 

4. A Need for Speed
From day one with the new spragless converter, my car was incredibly consistent and predictable. My new BTE converter was the missing piece to make my program competitive. After a year of racing, I also upgraded my son's car with a 5000 stall BTE spragless and the results were immediate. His car picked up .2 and is also deadly consistent and a winner. —Kevin Grider, Iowa Park, Texas

5. Don’t Try this at Home
Great value vs price. Their glide is Bulletproof and reliable. —Justin, Virginia Beach, VA

6. Mr. Jimmy “Knows His Stuff” Knight
Jimmy Neal Knight knows his transmission stuff, the best! —Joey Micheletti 

Have you had a positive experience with BTE Racing parts and customer service? If so, leave us a review on Yelp, Facebook or Google and let other folks know what to expect. Thanks for being a BTE customer, we appreciate your loyalty and value your business.

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