BTE Racing Customer Service Testimonials

BTE Racing Customer Service Testimonials

At BTE Racing, we know that the very best selling point is a happy customer, so we decided to let our fans tell you in their own words why they love BTE parts and service. We aim to make each customer a fan, and we appreciate the opportunity to be Part of Your Racing Team.  

1. To The Track and Beyond
The guys at BTE are top notch. Give them a call for all your racing transmission needs. Brandon and Chance go above and beyond to make sure you are a happy customer. If I could give them more stars I would. —Corey Schulz

2. (Jimmy) Knight in Shining Armor
My experience with you guys was phenomenal. Had an issue and BTE employees went out of their way to solve the problem. Thanks to Jimmy the car runs great now.  —Jerry Schofield, Bland, Missouri

3. BTE Hotline
Can’t really think of a place you can improve on. Fastest shipping, someone always answers the phone and is eager to help. I haven’t had any issues with any of your products. Can’t ask for much else. Before we really started a business relationship, I called because I was having problems from another company’s converters (or so we thought) and when the guy at BTE didn’t have a definite answer, he made calls until we found the issue and he made the effort to contact me back. That’s the things that make you guys top notch! —Daniel Thacker, Rush, Kentucky

4. Lean on Me
Been with BTE for over 5 years now, and besides having the best racing products and the most reliable, the customer service there is top notch and will stand behind their products 120%, Brandon and company are above and beyond anyone else period. —Bryan Walker, Walker Racing

5. Mic Drop
The best dang sponsor ever. The Best. Plain and Simple. —Gaylon Rolison, Gulfport, Mississippi

6. Need A Lift?
Was at Gulfport at the 15k Footbrake race one Friday night and Saturday. My distributor pin broke and Chris let us race the BTE Volkswagen and got to 11 cars. Would have missed that race so thanks a lot for the ride and the awesome converter. —Cody, Cullman, Alabama 

7. Runs in the Family
Dad started using BTE torque converters in the early 80s, they've always worked great. Never been failed by a BTE torque converter yet, I would say not having to worry about that has improved my racing over the decades. —Jason Marlow, Blueford, Illinois

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