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BTE Parts Upgrade: Billet Aluminum Powerglide Transbrake Valve Body

Here at BTE we strive to provide the ultimate racing experience for all drivers—and that means upgrading our part components to continue to improve our customers’ cars’ performances. We recently upgraded our powerglide valve bodies to provide increased responsiveness, smoother shifts, and the longest clutch life possible. 

Specifically designed for high performance racing applications using a refined internal fluid network, the updated BTE Powerglide Valve Body eliminates the need for a 40-year-old valve body casting for racing transmissions. It’s made of billet 6061 aluminum, meaning it’s 50 percent lighter than steel valve body designs. With its ultra-fast transbrake release and high-pressure output (255+ psi), it’s perfect for the racing pro and rising star alike. 

The upgraded valve body is CNC-machined, meaning that each one is precision cut using computer-guided machinery. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining guarantees accuracy and eliminates any user error associated with manual machining, as processes are pre-programmed and fully automated.

Our separator plates also received a change. After years of using steel plates, we have made the switch to stamped aluminum plates. The aluminum allows for better sealing without requiring specialized gaskets. It’s lighter, durable and also comes in a bold blue, so everyone can see you’re using BTE parts. This upgrade is compatible with any powerglide transmission, and will also be available for the T-400 Powerglide Valve Body later this summer.

Get the updated BTE Powerglide Valve Body today for improved car performance. Click here to order.

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 10:34 AM