BTE Highlight: Billet Powerglide Transbrake Valve Body

BTE Highlight: Billet Powerglide Transbrake Valve Body

This month we’re showing some love to our Billet Powerglide Transbrake Valve Body by exploring the depths of its greatness. We decided to ask a couple of commonly asked questions to our knowledgeable President, Brandon Barrentine. Here’s what he had to say:

What is the difference between this part versus others available on the market?
We aren't reinventing the wheel with non-standard parts or designs—this is the tried and true transbrake that has worked for decades in the majority of race powerglides—but made from new CNC-machined aluminum.  

What does it come with?
Transbrake solenoid, manual selector valve, and instructions

What other products do you recommend to buy with this?
It goes well with a rebuild kit, or any other parts in building a powerglide transmission into a race unit.

What type of vehicle is this best for?
These are used in all types of drag racing, mud racing, and even some street vehicles that need a transbrake option for their powerglide transmission.

What type of common issues does it fix?
OEM GM powerglide valve bodies haven't been manufactured since the early 1970s, so having these made from new bodies eliminates the problem of scarcity.  Also, being made from aluminum reduces the mass by about 50% compared to those OEM cast iron pieces.

Why should people buy this?
It's affordable, works well, the internals are compatible with most conventional transbrakes making service easier, and we have more experience than anyone else in doing aluminum powerglide transbrakes.  



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 4:38 PM