BTE 2020 Wrap-up


BTE 2020 Wrap-up

Welcome to our 2020 wrap up, which is all focused on YOU! This wrap up shows what you all liked, which posts you engaged the most with, and the most popular car model from our Car of the Week submissions. Read on for the straight stats.

Number of Fans
100,704 Total Page Likes
100,528 Total Follows
    4,289 Total followers

Here are our “Top Fans” on Facebook, who have held that title for the whole year! Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing our posts.
    Jeff Sandowski
    Robert Hodge
    Charlie Horton
    Tommy Johns
    Eric Tenney
    Hoyt Cartwright

Most liked post
Turns out, you really love Chevelles! Our most liked post was a Chevelle from Gerald Neace Car of the Week: Gerald Neace's 1969 Chevy Chevelle, followed by Ron Flood’s Chevelle at a close second.

Sometimes a picture is worth a hundred likes...that’s how the saying goes, right? Well it’s true for our most liked post on Instagram. 
    BTE Powerglide's in the making 

Most Comments
Seems like everyone loved to reminisce on this post where we asked you all to tell us about the most historic drag racing moment you all were able to witness. 

Most Historic Moment in Drag Racing

As for our Instagram crowd, they had fun naming their ride with our “Name Your Ride” posts. Names like “Crazy Beast” and “Rowdy Cheetah” were favorites.

Name your Ride

Most Featured car model in our Car of the Week
We featured just over 50 cars this year, so we wanted to see which car model was the most popular based on the entries we received. 

Drum roll please! And the winner is…a tie between the Chevy Nova and Camaro! 

The Chevy Nova and Camaro were the most popular models from our Car of the Week submissions, but ultimately Chevy fans are the real winner here. The question is: will they hold the title come 2021? Will trucks make a grand comeback? Or maybe dragsters will be the underdogs that take it all? Well, what are you waiting for? Submit your entry for Car of the Week by filling out the form here.



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