BTE 2019 Gift Guide

BTE 2019 Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the racer who ‘has it all?’ Check out our list of the top gifts for drag racers below. 

1. Drag Racing Gloves
These gloves are great for grip, control and have an SFI rating of 3.3/15. The leather pads on the palm area are great to prevent hands from slipping on the wheel in case of sweaty palms. 

2. Phone car holder
It’s likely that they spend a lot of time in their car traveling from one race to another. A car phone mount makes it easy to look at their phone when they’re using GPS or listening to music. 

3. Dash Camera
The perfect gadget to use for on or off the racetrack. The dash camera gives them the chance to document, review and critique each race.

4. BTE Gear
BTE gear never goes out of style and it’s the perfect way for the racer in your life to represent their favorite racing brand. Hats and shirts are available to order—just add to cart.  

5. Bluetooth Adapter
For any racers still listening to tunes on a cassette or CD player, this Bluetooth adapter allows you to stream music from your phone through your car speakers.

6. Car Toys
Get them the toy-sized car of their dreams. It’s an affordable way to make their dreams come true makes a piece of decoration for their desk, room, or garage. 

7. Driving shoes
Who says you can’t wear driving shoes every day? Piloti has an impressive selection of good-looking shoes for both men and women. They’ve even collaborated with Chevy’s Corvette and Camaro for a special line.

8. Lego Mustang
Let your racer build a classic with this intricate Lego Mustang. The Lego Mustang isn’t just a model either—the doors open, the wheels turn, and you can even customize parts. A perfect side project while waiting for the spring drag racing season to start.  

9. Key Organizer
Get rid of that extra clutter in their keys with a key organizer. It even comes with a couple of extra accessories like a little compartment to hide your cash, a bottle opener, and a carabiner. 

10. Drag Illustration subscription
Help them catch up on the latest news in drag racing. Subscribe on their website to receive a monthly magazine of the latest news in the drag racing world. 



Posted by Amber Ambrose at 3:27 PM