4 Things To Check Before Hitting The Strip: Your Official Racing Season Checklist

4 Things To Check Before Hitting The Strip: Your Official Racing Season Checklist

It’s officially racing season for most of the United States, but are you really, really ready to hit the strip? Here’s a handy dandy checklist to make sure your engine is running perfectly just in time for spring. 

1. Change your automatic transmission fluid.

Racing transmissions experience conditions beyond their original OE design specifications: More heat, torque, and RPM. This additional stress is amplified on the clutches and gears if the automatic transmission fluid isn't in good condition. BTE recommends regular oil changes depending on your setup, and for these changes, we recommend a full or semi-synthetic fluid - like our own blended specially by Lucas Oil.

2. Service your torque converter. 

Torque converters benefit from annual service in several ways. 1) Adjusting for any new changes to your car like new differential gears, tire sizes, or increased power will affect the torque converter's performance profile.  2) Matching the converter's configuration to the car ensures optimal performance and consistency. 3) In addition, torque converters have bushings, bearings, and sometimes sprags or clutches that also need regular service to maintain your competitive race car's performance. It is also a good time for us to make sure the pump and turbine fins and font cover are in good condition.  

3. Adjust your low gear band.

In a racing powerglide transmission, make sure that the low gear band is properly adjusted! You can see more about this adjustment on our blog post here.

4. Check the status of your steel and friction clutches.

Steel and friction clutches will wear over time - especially in high power, high temperature scenarios - a burnt clutch pack can severely affect performance and can cause other transmission damage, too. Check it now to prevent damage from happening later.


Posted by Amber Ambrose at 12:28 PM