Benefits of Having a Billet Aluminum Valve Body


Benefits of Having a Billet Aluminum Valve Body

It’s been a couple years since we’ve added the billet aluminum valve body to our collection after hearing feedback from racers like you. 

The difference in weight design and compatibility to OEM parts make it the perfect fit for those contemplating the switch from steel to aluminum. 

Wondering if the aluminum valve body is right for you and your ride? Check out three of the biggest benefits below.

1. Weight
Weight reduction is one of the primary methods of improving track performance.  A transmission valve body made from aluminum is often 50% lighter than the original iron castings. More specifically, that’s 7.8 lbs lighter, or 3.58 kg in the case of the Powerglide!

2. Design Updates
Machining the valve body from a clean slate of aluminum opens up more possibilities for design changes and performance improvements, because we’re no longer restricted to modifying the original designs with cuts and plugs. Fluid channels can be more directly routed or adjusted in size to improve performance or open up new features not possible with the iron valve bodies.

3. OEM parts availability
As the most popular racing transmissions were largely manufactured in the 1960s and 1970s, the availability for original parts has become increasingly scarce in the last decade. Scrap metal recycling, the elements, and usage by performance enthusiasts have all decimated the supply of these pieces. Newly designed and manufactured parts may not always be designed to mate with the OEM parts, so part failures in these older units may not be replaceable or repairable in the future.  

Bonus! Last but not least: Billet parts look cool! Though it is covered by the oil pan, the fit and finish of these new parts are shiny and attractive.




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