12 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Drag Racer

12 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Drag Racer

Finding the perfect gift for the driver in your life can be tough. They eat, sleep, and breathe drag racing and would live at the track if they could. You might not be able to spring for a new torque converter, but we’ve got some gift ideas sure to light their tree:

  1. Chevy Nova ugly sweater. Jump on the tacky sweater bandwagon with this comfy crew neck sweatshirt. Other designs also available featuring different cars.

  2. Helmet case.  A sturdy, lightweight helmet case is a staple of a driver’s race gear. Well-kept protection equipment keeps them safe!

  3. Race Hair, Don’t Care t-shirt. The thrill of racing > helmet hair. No question.  

  4. Speedometer cufflinks. Drag racers clean up nice, when they’ve got a reason. These cufflinks will have them excited for formalwear.  

  5. Clutch/Gas socks. If your racer didn’t have lucky socks before, they do now! These gas/clutch socks will help them be in the zone head to toe on race day.

  6. Car phone case. Decorative but functional, a car-shaped phone case is definitely a statement piece. Comes in a variety of colors and models.

  7. Cool BTE gear. They’ll love repping their favorite racing brand at the track and around the house. Can’t go wrong with a BTE shirt or hat.

  8. Subscription to a drag racing magazine. Find out which magazines they read and pay for a six month or one-year subscription. They’ll think of you each time a new one comes in the mail.

  9. Interior LED lights. Light up their ride with these colored LEDs.

  10. Glow in the dark tire gauge. Practical for late evenings at the track, a glow in the dark tire gauge is a cool gift that will get a lot of use.

  11. Drag racing wall calendar. They’ll need a place to keep track of upcoming race dates and this racing wall calendar will do the trick. Choose from a variety of themes.

  12. Online tutorial modules. There are plenty of resources to help racers brush up on specific skills. Online tutorials and training programs are a great idea for beginners or those looking to move up a division. Pay for subscriptions or specific video modules.

Posted by Amber Ambrose at 11:55 AM