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By the Numbers: Top Sportsman Powerglide

Our Top Sportsman Powerglide gets a lot of love from the best racers, and for good reason; it's our most powerful transmission, and an investment racers make when they want to get serious about winning and making the most out of the cars and trucks they put so much love and energy into.   There was a time before every successful racer with a Top Sportsman reaped the benefits and made the change. Maybe 2018 is the right time to make the switch if you haven't... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Tuesday, November 14, 2017

By the Numbers: Why We Love Our Top Dragster Powerglide

We're celebrating our Top Dragster Powerglide  this week, singing the praises of the perfect transmission for dragsters and monster trucks . Here's a rundown on the numbers for this versatile transmission designed for rear engine dragsters. By the numbers: Number of people it takes to build one: Two—one builder, and one tester. Average time it takes to assemble one Top Dragster: Two hours Horsepower capacity: Up to 2400 HP ... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Tuesday, October 17, 2017