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Powerful Transmissions on Sale

Give your car the power and stamina it needs to leave the competition in the dust every time the tree goes green. Shop our wide range of BTE transmissions, all of which have been fully dyno-tested to ensure precision performance.    Pre-ordering for the BTE November sale runs from Nov. 1 to Nov. 25, so call us to place an order once you find the right transmission.   Limited Traction + High Power Output Our TH400 "Grudge Winner" Two Speed ... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Monday, November 15, 2021

How to Choose a Winning Torque Converter

When it comes to torque converters, it’s all about size and power. That’s especially the case when you take into consideration how you race. For example, with extra applications, you might need a larger torque converter to carry more stress. So, which one should you purchase? Explore BTE’s wide range of high-performance, affordable torque converters below.   The top choice for most drag racers  For applications smaller than 565 cubic inches, look no... Read More
at Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Our 20% off presale just got the green light!

Starting today, Nov. 1, you’re able to pre-order parts for our November sale. That means you’ll still receive the 20% discount without having to call us on Nov. 26th. We’ll simply charge you on the 26th (when the sale actually begins) and you’ll be off to races!   “What’s on sale?” Glad you asked. Read on.   Powerglides Which Powerglide is the right fit for your ride? We have options for entry-level racers, dragsters and monster... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Monday, November 1, 2021

November Sale Shipping Update

First and foremost, thank you for your patience as you await your orders. As previously mentioned, we had an unexpected, but very welcome 70% increase in sales this November and we are dedicated to fulfilling every single order as quick and accurately as possible. Here’s what we’re doing to get caught up: We are not taking any custom orders at this time (including lock up TH400s, street performance transmissions, non Chevrolet/Ford/Chrysler torque converters), until all... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Treat Yourself: November Sale Edition Part 2

Last week we had some fun listing BTE products you can buy with what you save from purchasing Top Dragster powerglide. We’re doing it again but this time with the BTE TH400 “Grudge Winner” two speed transmission. What do you do with all those savings? Keep reading to find out! BTE TH400 "GRUDGE WINNER" TWO SPEED TRANSMISSION Sale price: 3,840.00 Regular price: $4300.00 Total savings: $860 TH400 ALUMINUM DIRECT DRUM WITH PRO MOD SPRAG Regular... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Friday, November 20, 2020

Treat Yourself November 2020

As many know, our November sale has begun, which means ALL of our torque converters and transmissions are discounted at 20%. But what do you do with all those savings? Here are a couple things you can buy with the money saved from buying a Top Dragster Powerglide during our annual sale. TOP DRAGSTER POWERGLIDE Sale price: $3,480 Regular price: $4,350 Total savings of $870! Let’s see what we can do with that extra cash.  1. BILLET POWERGLIDE TRANSBRAKE VALVE BODY - TOP... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Friday, November 13, 2020

November Sale Recap

Major news happened earlier this week that will definitely leave some burn marks on the track. On Monday, BTE president Brandon announced the most epic news in drag racing. We value your continued support and business especially throughout this year. Here’s what you missed: -Our November sale means 20% off all torque converters and transmissions. -We’ll start taking orders as early as November 9th! We decided to get ahead of the game and to make everyone’s lives... Read More
Posted by BTE Racing at Friday, November 6, 2020