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Powerglide Transmission Checklist

While some of you have some extra time to get your rides ready for the season, here's five important checks to make to ensure your racing powerglide transmission is ready to hit the track. 1. If the car has been sitting for a period of time, look for any obvious oil loss on the floor of your trailer or shop. Automatic transmission fluid may be leaking from a worn seal, bad gasket, or cracked housing. If you are using a stock case, they are more prone to crack and leak in the rear... Read More
Posted by Amber Ambrose at Friday, March 27, 2020

How to Use BTE’s Transmission & Torque Converter Tune Up Services

It’s tune-up time! While BTE is in the business of manufacturing and distributing new high-performance parts for your racing vehicles, we also service your current parts for the absolutely best performance so you and your car are ready to roll when the season heats up.    Now is the best time to get your powerglides, torque converters and other racing transmissions tuned up. Just FYI: They don't have to be from BTE, we service all types of equipment from all... Read More
Posted by Amber Ambrose at Wednesday, January 15, 2020