Turbo 400 Super Pro TransBrake Valve Body - BTE 401500
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Turbo 400 Super Pro TransBrake Valve Body - BTE 401500

Turbo 400 Super Pro TransBrake Valve Body

Reverse Shift Pattern (P-R-N-1-2-3)

Please read instructions completely, then follow each step to install valve body.

BTE™ 401500 Kit Contains:
One (1) Turbo 400 Super Pro Valve Body
One (1) BTE 4498 Solenoid
One (1) Separator Plate
Sixteen (16) Direct High Gear Springs
One (1) Return Valve Spring & Solenoid Brake Valve
One (1) Pressure Regulator Spring
One (1) 1/4" Steel Check Ball
Two (2) Gaskets

NOTE: Modifications are necessary to the Turbo 400 transmission before installation of the BTE 401500 valve body.

STEP 1: Drain transmission before removal. After removal, disassemble transmission.

STEP 2: Remove high gear clutch drum from transmission. Remove piston assembly from clutch drum.

STEP 3: A bleed off hole must be drilled into high gear clutch drum (See Photo 1).

STEP 4: The bleed off hole should be 1/16" or .0625". Drill from inside-out behind the piston area. This can be drilled at a slight angle for better drilling room.

STEP 5: Clean high gear drum of any burrs and wash thoroughly.

STEP 6: Using an 1/8" round rat-tail file, open the passage as illustrated in Photo 2. At least half of the casting wall should be removed. Take care not to nick or burr the bore where the brake valve enters. This passage area is the brake and high gear apply. This modification is necessary for brake release.

STEP 7: Be sure transmission is clean of any metal shavings. This could cause the transmission not to function properly.

STEP 8: Reassemble high gear clutch drum.

STEP 9: Replace the inner and outer seal on the high gear clutch pack using new seals. Discard center cushion seal in high gear clutch drum. Reinstall piston into high gear clutch drum.

STEP 10: Replace the sixteen (16) OEM direct high gear springs with the new BTE springs supplied in kit. Set clutch pack clearance to .090" - .110".

STEP 11: Remove intermediate band and piston assembly and discard (See Photo 3).

STEP 12: Remove rear servo piston. Discard the two rings from the reverse accumulator (See Photo 4).

STEP 13: Take 1/4" steel check ball supplied in kit and tap into accumulator drain (See Photo 5).

STEP 14: Air check servo for proper working condition before installing rear servo.

STEP 15: Replace modulator with BTE solenoid.
(1) Remove modulator and OEM valve.
(2) Slide return spring over the BTE brake valve.
(3) Insert brake valve and spring into the modulator valve bore (See Photo 6). This should move in and out freely.
(4) Insert BTE solenoid into modulator valve bore using modulator retainer and bolt in place.

STEP 16: Remove second sealing ring from top of center support and discard (See Photo 7).

STEP 17: Remove pressure regulator assembly (See Photo 8). Disassemble and assemble (See Photo 9). Replace OEM spring with BTE spring supplied in kit. To install assembly, slip the retainer in place with the tangs toward the spring. Slip the spring over the small end so it comes in contact with the retainer. Push the entire assembly up into the pump. Push up on the booster sleeve and reinstall snap ring.

STEP 18: Valve Body: Use no check balls in valve body. Only use one in the rear servo. Use valve body gaskets supplied in kit. Governor tubes are not necessary, but one may be used to support early design filter and should be used if you have this type of transmission case. Governor may be omitted.

STEP 19: Complete transmission assembly and install into vehicle. Fill transmission with BTE 940600 Super Shift transmission fluid. Be careful not to overfill transmission.

Important Notice
Do not shut down motor while in second gear with engine running at 65000 RPMs or above. Doing so may cause severe damage to your transmission and/or bodily harm.

Problem Solution
No reverse Rear servo & high clutch pack not installed properly
Sluggish in all gears Low Pressure. Recheck pressure regulator valve assembly.
No gear in any selection Manual shift valve connected
Fluid foaming Filter not sealing properly, check for o-ring or filter spacer.
We recommend replacing center support bushing any time you rebuild a Turbo 400 transmission. This bushing is very hard to check for wear. It holds your sealing rings in center to make your clutches last.

Gear Pressure (PSI)
Park 175-210
Reverse (pressure differs with RPMs) 100-300
Neutral 175-210
First 175-210
Second 175-210
Third 175-210
Note: Line pressure fitting is located on driver side of transmission close to shift lever.

If you have any questions regarding this instruction sheet, please call BTE™ Technical Assistance at 1-800-626-1828

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