Powerglide Transmission Shield (SFI) Installation Sheet
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Powerglide Transmission Shield (SFI) Installation Sheet

Read instructions before starting.

Remove the bolts as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 only (2) bolts in Figure 1.

Place rear mounting brackets in position and secure with original bolts as shown in Figure 1 & Figure 2. Use the longer of the small brackets on left side of transmission. Do Not Tighten.


Position longest bracket at lowest point on converter cover flange on left side of transmission as shown in Figure 2. Secure with 1/4" x 3/4" socket head bolt included with shield. Do Not Tighten.

Position shield over transmission and secure with 3/8" x 1" flat socket head bolts. Do Not Tighten.

With the three remaining flat socket head bolts, (3/8" x 3/4") fasten shield to brackets. Then tighten all bolts securely.

If the cooler lines interfere with positioning the shield, bend slightly, being careful not to crimp the lines.

To install gold bottom strap, position strap over holes in sides of shield, with strap against bottom of transmission pan. Next, locate and drill 3/8" holes in strap for attaching to shield. The best way to locate the holes are with 2 screw-in locater punches (3/8"). If you don't have these, a stiff wire (coat hanger) ground to a point and bent to a 90: will also work.

This strap is long enough to use with a deep pan. If you have a stock pan you might want to cut off the strap an inch above the holes you drill. Be sure the shield or strap DOES NOT touch shift lever or cable.


BTE's New Powerglide Race Pump is designed to maintain not only high, but more importantly, constant fluid pressure and value at all RPM levels and modes of operation. With extensively modified fluid channels, modified pump crescent, and with a newly designed 4340 stator tube, each tube is precision machined with a flange to accept 4 solid heat-treated dowel pins which eliminates stator tube spinning. This pump has made more than 300 lbs. of live pressure in our Top Sportsman/Dragster test transmissions. When needed, sets of oversized gears are also installed. These pumps are ready to install and race.

243500   P/G Race Pump


BTE's planetary gear sets have been a flagship component product since their introduction several years ago. The planetary set, the backbone of a transmission, must be strong to withstand the abuse of a high performance vehicle.

Our premier gear set, the straight cut Powerglide planetary has seen zero gear failures to date in any application. Starting with a 4340 steel forged output shaft, this planetary is cut on our own Hass CNC mills to accept either a stock or billet style yoke. Available in either standard diameter, or the upgraded Magnum series with a Turbo 400 sized output shaft, this heavy-duty piece will eliminate the problem of twisted or broken output shafts.

Within our new planetary gear housing are our popular straight cut gears. Available in 1.65, 1.76, 1.80, 1.96 and 1.98 ratios, these gears are made from certified 9310 vacumelt steel and heat treated to perfection. These gears are held in place with new steel pins and our new pin locking system. All aftermarket powerglide gear sets feature this new upgrade. Included in this gear set are a 9310 sun gear with flange and a new steel reverse ring gear. All straight cut gear sets feature a one-year warranty against breakage to the original purchaser.

245605   1.76 Shorty Stock Gear Set with 4340 Output
247403   1.76 Gear Set with 4340 Output
255650   1.65 Shorty Straight Cut
247450   1.65 Standard Straight Cut
245610   1.80 Shorty Straight Cut
247410   1.80 Standard Straight Cut
245620   1.80 Magnum Shorty Straight Cut
247420   1.80 Magnum Standard Straight Cut
245690   1.96 Shorty Straight Cut
247490   1.96 Standard Straight Cut
245680   1.98 Shorty Straight Cut
247480   1.98 Standard Straight Cut

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