Heavy Duty Powerglide Tailhousing - BTE PGH-4
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Heavy Duty Powerglide Tailhousing - BTE PGH-4

Heavy Duty Powerglide Tailhousing Installation Instructions

BTE's new heavy duty tailhousing is a must in all extreme motorsports applications. Featuring a superior roller bearing secured by a snap ring, this tailhousing can be modified to accept BTE's new MAGNUM Series Planetary

STEP 1 Remove Stock Tailhousing.

STEP 2 Using the included bolts and washers, install the BTE heavy duty tailhousing torquing bolts to 35 ft./lbs.

STEP 3 To ensure proper function, measure your yoke's diameter. The internal diameter of the bearing in this tailhousing is 1.500 inches. If your yoke has a diameter over 1.500 inches, some work (polishing) will be required on the yoke to allow for installation. If yoke diameter is under 1.496 inches, the yoke should be replaced. Slip the yoke into the bearing to make sure it slides in and out easily.

If you need a new yoke, or if you cannot modify your own yoke to fit this tailhousing, BTE can provide you with a yoke that is 1.500 for either a 1350 or 1310 application.

STEP 4 Finish installation by replacing any remaining mounting pieces. (Cross-member, etc.)

Posted by Brandon Barrentine at 18:59