BTE Quick Charge Alternator Instruction Sheet
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BTE Quick Charge Alternator Instruction Sheet

Items included:

  • Alternator
  • Alternator Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Bolts
  • Fan Belt
  • Rectifier
  • Pulley (Less Bolts)

STEP 1: Mount pulley to balancer.

STEP 2: Mount alternator bracket to either side of front motor mounting holes with bolts provided. 3/8" for Small Block, 7/16" for Big Block. Bracket is made to be used with a 3/8" thick motor plate. If there is no motor plate or you are using a thinner plate, the bracket must be shimmed accordingly.

STEP 3: Install alternator to bracket. Install fan belt. Check pulleys for straightness with a straight edge. If pulleys are not parallel, shim bracket accordingly.

STEP 4: Belt adjustment: Adjust belt to have between 3/8" and 1/2" slack.

STEP 5: Mount rectifier to solid surface, preferably as close to the alternator as possible.

Wiring Diagram:

STEP 1: Attach wires from alternator to rectifier.

STEP 2: Run a 10 gauge wire from positive side of battery to red terminal on rectifier.

STEP 3: Run a 10 gauge wire from negative side of battery to the other terminal on rectifier.

Note: All connectors should be soldered. Also, all finished connections on rectifier should be securely fastened with shrink tube for vibration.

Posted by Brandon Barrentine at 7:00 PM