350 Full Manual Valve Body - BTE 321000
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350 Full Manual Valve Body - BTE 321000



Please read instructions completely, then follow each step to install valve body.

BTE™ 321000 Kit Contains:
One (1) Valve Body
One (1) Valve Body Spacer Plate
One (1) Small Valve Body to Spacer Gasket
One (1) Large Valve Body to Spacer Gasket
Two (2) Plugs
One (1) 2-3 Performance Transfer Plate
One (1) Modulator Plug

STEP 1: Allow transmission to cool before installation. Place gear shift selector in neutral. If vehicle is on ground, please secure wheels to avoid rolling.

STEP 2: Remove drain plug and drain fluid. Some GM vehicles without drain plugs must be drained by dropping transmission pan.

STEP 3: Remove transmission filter by removing two (2) screws. Caution not to lose gasket.

STEP 4: Remove kick down valve wire by pulling pin out of kick down lever in valve body. These pieces are no longer needed so may be discarded.

STEP 5: Take notice of gearshift linkage position before removing valve body. Remove the seventeen (17) bolts from valve body. Carefully lower valve body and at the same time slide angled shift pin lever from gearshift selector. Do not drop valve body or manual valve with angled shift pin.

STEP 6: Remove spacer support plate bolts. There are four (4) small balls sitting on plate, these balls may be discarded. Take notice that the governor screen and oil pump screen does not fall out. These screens are located in case underneath the valve body spacer plate. See Photo 1. Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick have two (2) governor screens in rear case, one (1) in each passage. Chevy has only one (1) governor screen.

STEP 7: Remove the governor screen or screens from transmission and discard. Drill a 19/64” hole in area marked with an “A” in Photo 1 (in some models this hole is already 5/16”). Do not drill hole over 3/4” deep.

STEP 8: Using a broad, blunt punch, very carefully tap one (1) of the two (2) plugs contained in this kit into the hole drilled in Step 7. Be extremely careful! If tapped too hard punch will go straight through the bottom of plug.

STEP 9: The front servo will sometimes fall out when removing the spacer plate in Step 6. If this happens, reassemble using Photo 2 as a guide.

STEP 10: Place oil pump screen into area marked “C” in Photo 1 using an assembly grease.

STEP 11: Install valve body gasket marked “C” for Case towards the trans case. Then install the valve body separator plate, followed by the valve body gasket marked “VB”. Place the support plate into position with the factory support plate on top. Start all seven (7) bolts in place before tightening start valve body bolts. Make sure spacer support plate has no rough edges. If so, file smooth.

STEP 12: Before installing new valve body, retrieve manual valve from old valve body and place in new one.

STEP 13: Place valve body to spacer gasket up into place making sure to line up gear shift selector pin. Start all bolts making sure valve body is in its proper place. Tighten valve body and spacer support plate bolts from the middle out. Tighten to 8-10 ft./lbs.

STEP 14: Replace your old filter with a BTE 358500 filter kit back into your transmission. Check to make sure filter lines up with valve body holes. Be sure to place gasket between filter and valve body.

STEP 15: Install oil pan. Refill transmission with a brand of type “F” transmission fluid (We recommend BTE 940600 Super Shift Fluid™). After transmission is warm, run it through all gears. Then recheck fluid for correct level. Never fill over the full mark on dipstick.

Special Note
When using this valve body you will have a better performance transmission by:
1. Removing center seal in direct clutch drum.
2. Removing governor assembly.
3. Remove vacuum line and kick down cable.
4. Plugging all holes.
5. Checking clutches.
6. Installing all new seals, gaskets and filters
7. If you are unfamiliar with installing a valve body, consult a transmission specialist.


Posted by Brandon Barrentine at 6:00 AM