BTE Racing: Powerglide Transmissions

Powerglide Transmissions

A lightweight and reliable automatic 2 speed transmission is ideal for drag racing, making the Powerglide transmission the most sought-out option for common drag racing applications like bracket racing, grudge racing, footbrake racing, monster trucks, and more. Depending on the model, BTE powerglides can support a vehicle running anywhere from 400 to 3000+ HP.

powerglide transmission

Fully Aftermarket Racing Transmission

BTE's Top Dragster Powerglide and BTE's Top Sportsman Powerglide are suited to the customer looking for a fully aftermarket racing transmission - these units will support over 3000 HP in our special Outlaw configuration, and up to 2400 in the standard versions.  Our Bracket and Econo Powerglides are entry level units that use a mix of new and re-manufactured components and can support up to 1000 HP in some configurations.

But if you need something custom, we can accommodate almost any bell housing type, ratio, shaft size, and more - just contact us for a custom build!

With any of the BTE Powerglides, you’ll find over fifty years of race track proven experience in our parts design and assembly from our facility in Mount Pleasant, MS.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

We asked some of our customers on Facebook what comes to mind when they think of the Powerglide, and some answers were: consistent, strong, simple, efficient, dependable, low maintenance and our favorite, “fast as hell.” Enough said.

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